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Tesla Motor is a company famous for its luxurious electric cars. It is American company that manufactures and designs electric automobiles and some other electric components and battery products. Most of you are already well aware of this awesome company but I’m sure you might not know these Facts About Tesla Cars.
Elon Musk is not literally the founder:

He came in to the team in 2004 and proved to be worthy by investments and major assist plans and stuff. He claims to be founder of Tesla but in reality he is not. Founder award really goes to Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who were responsible for the establishment of company. You never knew that this was one of facts about Tesla cars, did you?


Once on, never goes off.
Cars like Tesla Model 3 never turns off in reality. Once you have parked it will go in deep sleep mode just like some laptop and will kind of resume when you will hit the steering again.


Now you can actually afford Tesla car easily and become a superhero.
By 2016 Tesla Model 3 would be available for purchase just in $30,000. One of the coolest thing about Tesla car is style for instance you can open doors like some batman movie what else you want?

Tires go up and down.
Suspension system is one of the incredible thing. Tesla cars are actually smart enough to remember rough roads where you had driven before. When you travel  on same path again suspension adjust itself to tackle the roughness of road and addition to that you can also manually override this ability.

Open source designs.
Yes anyone can use Tesla designs  but the purpose must be linear and to advance the company and make it even more better. So watch out guys, that old man in your neighborhood might be creating his own Tesla.

Out of power ? No problem use some laptops.
These amazing cars are actually  using same Li-ion batteries just like any traditional laptop. For sure they are made heavy duty and more powerful, consider thousands of laptop batteries connected together.

No more gas bills Yeah!
The most important feature why these cars are so cool is no more gas required to drive this baby.  You can charge the batteries at any  Tesla station for free. When your battery goes out of order just drop by any power station and swap with new battery as low as 60 dollar. The company is also working on home replacement of batteries which would be soon available to public.

The Need For Speed Mode.
There is a setting to actually turn your car into insane mode which will remove all the limitations from the engine and you can achieve 0-60 speed just in 3 seconds. This really is very impressive as an electric car.

So did you have fun knowing all these amazing facts about Tesla cars? Stay tuned to Knowledge Insider for more!

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