Ever wonder What it is like to touch a black hole? Well it is something you won’t be able to do. I’ll try to explain  down here. Just look at this picture of Black Hole.

Black hole

Yup that was me trying to be funny, never mind let’s get to the point. I believe many of you have already heard and know a bit about Blackholes and astronomy stuff. Still just to make sure I’ll start with very basic definition of black hole.

What Is Black Hole?

It is a specific region located in space  where magnitude of gravity is strange and so intense that nothing can escape it. Not even the light laws of Physics are applicable here and their authenticity is still not clear.

What Is Black Hole Singularity And Event Horizon?

The centre point based on one dimension where gravity and density is said to be infinite. This area have huge mass in very small space and curve of space-time graph becomes infinite here. Due to this region of black hole law of physics break down and leaves no rational explanations of the events going down there. Black Holes are massive and astounding. It is something we can actually see due to the fact light can’t escape it. This border from which no light can escape is called as Event Horizon .

black hole singularity

What Will Happen If You Touch A Black Hole ?

According to theories any matter that will go near black hole, more specifically near event horizon or singularity, it will get stretched beyond imagination and rupture apart and vanish in space. A tragic death! Now there is something more if we change the perspectives and observe the whole event things get pretty astronomical. Consider yourself travelling in a spaceship and for some reason you are about to get punished by getting thrown to black hole by your crew members. Here is what your crew member will see. Firstly you will start to getting stretched just like some rubber made super hero or something like that every part of your body will be stretched with different magnitude and you’ll spread all over the event horizon’s surface, this phenomenon is known as spaghettification. Your image will get distorted and more distorted by time and you will start to grow longer and longer at final stages ” KAzAm”! like a magic trick you disappeared, thanks to radiation emitting from black hole your are 100 percent dead by now. If the black Hole is Super Massive you might actually survive because you won’t actually make it to event horizon instead you will actually free fall around forever. So enjoy your happy days.
It is a mere advise from me to avoid black holes they aren’t friendly trust me…

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