As the favorite bird Of U.S, the cockatiel Bird’s talent is in its whistle. Male cockatiel birds are a lot of inclined to return up with elaborate songs; either created up, renditions of fashionable songs or mixtures of each. Indeed, a home with a cockatoo parrot will sound like one with piped-in Muzak, a cockatoo parrot will flip much any song into a whistled version.

Cockatiel Bird

Hi from Cockatiel, on white


Cockatiel birds may be the right cuddle bug, typically preferring to perch on their favorite person’s shoulder. And play with the person’s hair or nibble on their jewellery. Feminine cockatiels have a name for being significantly friendly and simple going. Of course, for your cockatoo parrot to require to pay time with you, you’re planning to have to be compelled to earn and maintain its trust.

A cockatoo parrot is pretty sensible at expressing its mood. A cockatoo parrot that desires to move is probably going to leap to the front of its detain anticipation of interaction once you approach. Over again, another day, that very same cockatoo parrot may not budge from its perch and instead hiss at you if it doesn’t wish interaction. A contented cockatoo parrot is probably going to interrupt out into song, particularly if it’s a mirror to seem into (or any reflective surface, together with appliances, glass picture frames and metal cabinets).

Cockatiel birds within the wild are ground foragers, that means that they fly to the bottom to forage for food. A companion cockatoo parrot can with happiness eat from a bowl, however it’ll conjointly relish “foraging” for treats wet on the ground of its cage. If your bird’s cage encompasses a wire grate, cowl it with paper therefore the food doesn’t fall flat, or take away the grate briefly for forage time.

Scientific Name

Nymphicus hollandicus


15-20 years


Cockatiels square measure native to the semi-arid regions of Australia. Wild cockatiels fly to the bottom to forage for food. Cockatiel birds pronto breed within the wild, and that they also are straightforward to breed in captivity, that makes them wide obtainable as pets at a lower value than most different parrot species. Wild cockatiels square measure perpetually on alert for predators and square measure light-weight sleepers. A pet cockatoo parrot might need associate degree occasional night-fright episode, wherever it thrashes round the cage at midnight as if surprised. You will be able to facilitate your cockatoo parrot notice its method back to its perch by going away an evening light-weight on in its space.


The position of a cockatiel’s crest feathers will tell you its mood. Straight-up crest feathers will mean the bird is surprised or extremely curious. A defensive cockatiel can hold its crest feathers two-dimensional shut its head, and it’d be particularly stressed if it additionally hisses. A relaxed cockatiel can have slightly control back crest feathers, still as fluffed cheek feathers and you may additionally hear it contently grinding its beak.

Male cockatiels usually hunt down mirrors and alternative reflective things to whistle to. A parrot may well be inclined to fly down from the cage or play athletic facility onto the ground, thus be additional cautious whenever your bird is out of the cage thus you don’t step it which alternative pets, like cats or dogs, cannot get thereto. A feminine parrot would possibly hunt down a dark, closed in space to nest in, such the corner of a cupboard or behind furnishings (even if there’s no male parrot present), thus keep these areas off limits. Cockatiels are often tutored to whistle back to you on cue however usually aren’t best-known for his or her trained tricks.


Cockatiel bird are a lot of inclined to whistle than speak. Male cockatiels are a lot of seemingly to speak than females, and many will learn to talk a few words or phrases. Cockatiels tend to chirp instead of screech, and their comparatively lower noise volume makes them an honest housing pet. Your cockatiel would possibly chirp a contact decision if you permit the space in an effort to stay involved with you.


A cockatoo parrot desires a cage spacious enough to accommodate multiple perches, toys, food bowls and have lots of area to flap its wings while not touching them against something.  A cage with an oversized door front is right as a result of it makes it easier to come back a cockatoo parrot to its cage, particularly since cockatiels is flighty birds. Cockatiel bird square measure natural ground foragers and can forage on all-time low of the cage if given the opportunity; cowl the cage floor with newspaper and sprinkle broken treats or millet sprinkle seed for your cockatoo parrot to search out. Cockatiels square measure social birds and thrive once given opportunities to act with you, whether or not it’s gently stimulation their cheek feathers, being talked to or just being within the same area as you.

A healthy cockatoo parrot diet includes commercially balanced diets, like Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Pellets, likewise as alternative food, recent vegetables and a few seed. A well-cared-for cockatoo parrot will live for quite twenty years.

Lacking To Avoid With Cockatiel

Your cockatiel bird cage is its home and an area that ought to represent security and happiness. It ought to conjointly offer you peace of mind that your bird is safe and sound whereas you’re away.

As most Cockatiels pay the bulk of their day within the cage whereas you’re at work, you need to take care that there’s lots of amusement and opportunities for exercise within. One huge mistake we tend to create with our birds is to decorate the detain approach that we tend to feel can create life snug for them. In fact, putting toys and food dishes at perch level promotes inactivity and makes life uninteresting.

Try putting a favourite toy in a section of the cage that your bird doesn’t usually visit, like the middle of the highest of its cage, and watch your Nymphicus hollandicus defy gravity to urge there, and keep there, to play. this is often the extent of activity that wild birds encounter everyday, as ought to YOUR Nymphicus hollandicus, United Nations agency are going to be grateful for the exercise and mental stimulation.

While many folks tend to seem the cage as an area that keeps dangers OUT, there area unit several dangers which will lurk among.  The cage itself are often unsafe if it’s not chosen with care.


It is traditional for a Nymphicus hollandicus to sneeze a couple of times each day to filter out dirt or dander from its nares, which could be in the midst of a transparent discharge. If the physiological reaction is persistent and/or the discharge isn’t a transparent color, contact your vertebrate medico. Cockatiels are wonderful fliers and wish additional frequent wing clipping than alternative parrot species as a result of they’re capable of flying shortly once having their feathers cut. Cockatiels molt (shed recent feathers and start growing new ones) one or two times a year.

A main health concern for feminine cockatiels is chronic egg-laying, which might drop her body of important minerals and metallic element, similarly as egg binding, within which the hen is unable to pass Associate in Nursing egg. (A hen doesn’t want a male Nymphicus hollandicus gift so as to supply Associate in Nursing egg; it’ll simply be Associate in Nursing unproductive egg.) feminine cockatiels, therefore, typically want extra-calcium in their diet, like a calcium-fortified base diet or a supplement like cuttlebone. Since cockatiels are typically fed a largely seed diet, several suffer from deficiency disease and alimentation and mineral deficiencies. Associate in Nursing all-seed diet is additionally high in fat, which might cause malady} disease. A healthy, diet with the correct balance of alimentation, minerals and amino acids will go a protracted approach in preventing malady in your Nymphicus hollandicus. The Lafeber Company offers several diets, including, Premium Daily Diet Pellets and Classic Nutri-Berries that are specially developed to satisfy your cockatiel bird’s dietary wants.

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