Gordon E.Moore is one of the famous personality in world of electronics and computing. He is known as the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductors and Intel and his most famous law known as Moore law is stated as follows.

Moore Law
Amount of transistors being used in deep integrated circuits will double every year. So according to him by the passage of every single year the complexity of micro-processor and other  electronic circuit will increase by 2 times.

Moore’s Law Is It Coming To End?

If we observe on mere theory. Moore law seems to be as accurate it can be and it has been verified by time for decades. The new era is quite different and is more likely to totally ignore Moore’s law in near future.

Intel’s recent  CEO says that the time required for new innovation has been widening rapidly in this era. In simple words, for today’s  generation innovation has become little difficult. Mostly we modify previous tech to produce a new tool of electronics according to observation of Intel more than two years have been passed. But amount of transistors used are not growing in a double ratio. 2 years back from now number of transistors used in microprocessors were quite same only some architecture techniques have been developing.

Gordon Moore wrote an article in year 1965 how he thinks complexity of circuits would double in period of year. Later this was modified  as number of transistors would double in 24 months and if we dig even more deeper. The most recent law demonstrates this doubling phenomenon in the span of 18 months.

Amazingly it have been proved flawless for more than 50 years in past. Considering the present time, we can clearly deduce graph is having a rapid downfall. This law is actually brilliant and by some calculations we can estimate computing now a days is almost 2 billion time faster from past in the same price. It is quite astounding how Moore’s law was so accurate for a process of such  speed. A point to notice here is that Moore never declared this as a true law in nature but it was like an expectation exponential which was induced to work for upcoming 10 years. Moore Found it impressive how it maintained its truthiness for 50 years. Intel celebrated its 40th Anniversary to thanks Moore’s great gift to science just because of the fact it always helped the universe of processing and electronics to innovate and work on new projects. 10 years ago processors were clocked at 2Ghz mostly. But in present clock speeds are 3Ghz or little higher in average which seems to be too less for application Moore’s gift. We have to admit how amount of cores doubled and increased in number over time which is again somehow related to Moore’s law. So no matter what the conditions Super-Computers and numerous electronic brands have been benefiting from this Gift Of Science.

The Graph of Moore law is having a major downfall in the present era. But it has been benefiting globe of tech and science in enormous amount.

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