There are tremendous number of luxury hotels around the world but the adventure of living under ocean hotel near the marine life is something you won’t get everyday. The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is a project that will blow your minds away.

under ocean hotel

This under ocean hotel will let people live near aquatic world 28 feet below the surface of ocean. The entering mechanism is quite simple like movies via elevator. Rooms of this hotel are luxurious featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and Air conditioning. The most epic thing is architecture of the hotel every room will provide marvelous vision towards marine life. Who would not love to poop while watching sharks? No one I guess!

This hotel is not constructed to stay stationary. Yup it can move and navigate the beauty of ocean. Its electro-mechanical propulsion is enough to change position of this vessel shaped hotel in stormy scenarios. This Hotel project is outstanding for adventure lovers and soon it’ll be available for people to spend their time in it. This hotel serves another purpose. It will help restore coral reefs around the globe by a process known as Bio-rock. Electric current is passed through the water which crystallizes minerals present in the water and forms limestone thus helping the restoration of coral reefs.

This under ocean Hotel is being funded by Tony Webb, the same person who funded Synergy Moon Project,which is a robot race to make a landing on moon. More than 20 million dollars have been used up for this hotel project and it got the patent and trademark approval recently. The hotel  would be developed in Key West, Florida and will move to other destination via huge barge. The project makers are sending invitations to various countries to register the approval of hosting this hotel in their region. So in this way the submarine hotel will move around the ocean of world and will serve its purpose of adventurous entertainment and restoration of coral reefs.

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