The Meyer’s Parrot is unquestionably a lovely bird. Once on the wing it looks as if the sunshine reflects on all their colours. They appear like numerous gemstones found in Africa. The sunshine reflective off their turquoise feathers can cue you of associate degree delicately cut blue sapphire. This tiny parrot is additionally called the Brown Parrot.

meyer's parrot

The Meyers may be a calm and even bird naturally and is a wonderful alternative for a family with youngsters. These little parrots adapt well and don’t seem to be daunting. They fancy all their humans and can maintain relationships with the complete relations. These square measure sweet birds, not keep or timid, however curious. They have an inclination to love all folks, even strangers.

Meyers square measure pleasant be around, pretty to appear at, and fun to look at. They fancy interactive and hunt toys, and like something that’s a puzzle. They’re terribly prankish and their antics can cause you to laugh. They often lie the wrong way up and play with their feet. If you provide them a hand-held toy they’re going to use it as a performing artist would use a ball. This can be quite funny and being natural comics, they fancy your laughter.

The Meyer’s parrot has long taken a back seat within the fashionable Poicephalus family to it is a lot of colourful friend, the African nation parrot. each birds area unit equal in size at regarding eight to nine inches, and were once foreign in giant numbers, however the Meyer’s is fussier regarding breeding in captivity, which can be why it still plays second fiddle to its shut full cousin.

Scientific Name.

Poicephalus meyeri

Native Regions.

The Meyer’s parrot could be a native of the African woodlands and savannahs.

Feeding and Care.

Like as cockatoos and Amazon parrots, the brown parrot is not aiming to demand tenderness, however it desires lots of handling nevertheless. AN owner ought to have the time to pay with this parrot, although it’s typically content to entertain itself with one thing tender, like hide, rope knots and soft wood.

Social Personality.

This warm, quiet, easy-going bird encompasses a stable temperament. If the Meyer’s parrot had a maxim, it’d be “I associate with the flow.” it’s not associate degree athletic or clow like bird, however instead prefers to look at everything fastidiously and with a discerning eye. The Meyer’s is happy sitting quietly on a perch, gnawing a toy and looking at the globe blow over. They’re social birds and have a tendency to bond with everybody within the family, not like alternative species which will like one person to a different. In general, this bird isn’t fickle – once it likes somebody, the person may be a friend for all times.

Though this species is not called a cuddle-bug, these bird area unit warm and love being handled and damaged on the top and neck. A hand-fed baby can become a delicate adult if treated properly, and isn’t susceptible to nipping, although it will provides a powerful bite if angry.


The basic cage care includes daily cleansing of the water and food dishes. Weekly you ought to wash all the perches and dirty toys. Therefore the floor ought to be washed regarding each alternative week. A complete hosing down associate degreed disinfecting of an building ought to be done yearly. Commutation something that has to be freshened, like recent dishes, toys and perches.

Sexual Difference.

Females seem like males in these birds. If gender identification is very important (for example for breeding birds) desoxyribonucleic acid / Feather or surgical sexing is suggested.

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