Android and Apple users might think that they have very limited number of internet browsers. First time ever this introduced multi-touch gestures as an android alternative. Limit in a sense that there are very few that come with some great features and experience. One of those few browser is this, Dolphin Browser. I shall provide you with the Dolphin browser APK but first let us talk on some of the cool features of this app.

Dolphin Browser APK

Dolphin browser is well known for its speed and grace. You can load the web pages faster than ever. This has clearly out-shown many mighty names such as Google chrome, Mozilla Fire fox and many other mini browsers. Enhanced flash players, super speed and HTML5 are the proud features of the dolphin browser.

Let us tell you more on the amazing features of the Dolphin browser APK.

Features of Dolphin browser.

1. Flash Player.

Most impressive feature of dolphin browser is its fast flash player. Now you will have games and movies experience better than ever that you had on any other web browser.

2. Multiple Tabs.

Now you can work faster than multiple number of tabs in a mobile web browser. You don’t to close one tab and then again open another to browse anything else. You can open as many as tabs you want to work with.

3. Incognito browsing mode.

Now you won’t be bothered by people keeping track of what you browse. With Dolphin browser’s incognito mode there will be no data in the history. Now you are able to have more privacy on the internet. Still doesn’t mean that you go very naughty LOL!

4. Dolphin Browser’s Add blocker.

The most bothering thing that occur to you while browsing are the un-necessary advertisements. Dolphin browser takes care of your needs and has solved the problem with you. Now you won’t any longer be bothered by the filthy advertisements on the internet with the dolphin browsers amazing add blocker.

5. Manageable search engines.

There are a great number of search engines. You can switch between these search engines with the help dolphin browser. Famous search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others are all available in this wonderful browsing app.

6. Download Faster with Dolphin browser.

With this browser you can get blazing fast download speeds. With the help of HTML5 this app provides you with great speed while downloading your favorite stuff. What else you want from a web browser?

7. Enhanced Sync.

Now it is very easy to your sync your history, passwords, emails, bookmarks and many other important internet stuff. You can do this by syncing your dolphin with other browsers by using dolphin connect feature. How great it feels to never lose your data and you can easily switch your browser.

8. Gestures.

Using gestures allows you to quickly access your favorite sites. There are many gestures available in this browser. Some of them are F for Facebook and T for Twitter etc.

Dolphin Browser APK Reception.

Dolphin browser received a great reception on the internet, both from users and experts. It holds a rating of 4.5 on the Google play store with an amazing 1,678,325 five stars. If you haven’t had the honor of using this app, then download it as soon as you can and enjoy amazing browsing experience.

Dolphin browser APK free download.

Download the free Dolphin browser APK here.

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