The news is astonishing as well as very good that we will soon have a new Half-life game. The game name is Prospekt and it is made by a 25 years old guy named Richard Seabrook.

new half-life game

It’s been quite a long time since we have last Half-life game. Everyone agrees upon the greatness of this game’s franchise. Though its developers put a full stop to the game but here’s our man Richard Seabrook who took steps to and started working on a new Half-life game.

He said that he had to quit his job to work on this project. The game is coming out in February on steam and players are excited to extent. Richard added that he quit his job about 2 years ago and decided to work on this game as his job application.

After years of hard work he succeeded in his mission and now a new Half-life game will soon be out for fan in February. This game is not an official title and was approved by Half-life Company when they looked at the efforts made my Richard. They let him use Half-life 2 graphics and other assets and now we shall see a new game soon in the coming month.

Richard Seabrook said that he quit his job and started working on this game. When first he started working on the project, his words were, “After 6 months I realized that what I made was rubbish and then I started working again”.

Anyhow due to his efforts, we will have a new Half-life or more like Half-life game named ‘Prospekt’ soon. I am excited that to play this game and if you had been this game’s fan, then you must be excited too. We shall see how will the final product look like? When it comes out till then stay tuned to Knowledge Insider for more updates and news!

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