While watching different videos, you sometimes want to download some which you like the most. Problem here is most people don’t know how to download those videos because there is not an option and those aren’t expert at this don’t know about downloaders. This post will help those who don’t much about internet and they will be able to download videos from any site.

1. Internet Download Manager.
Who doesn’t know about the Internet download manager? This is probably the most famous internet download application. With the help of this app you can download anything from the internet. You can download videos, apps, documents and in fact every file. If anywhere a downloadable file is present, it will give you a tab showing the download option. Simply click that tab and it will promote you to the download option. Select the place where you want to save the downloaded file and you are done with it.

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Download it from here.

2. Video Grabber.

Video Grabber and there are some other websites who are known as blessings for the internet users. These are online plug-ins or sites that allow you to download videos from any site including Facebook, You Tube and many others. The process to use these sites is very easy. Just grab the link from the address bar where you are watching a video and put it in the video URL bar of the website and click download. The download will automatically convert the video and download it for you.

3. Downloading Extensions.

Other than online sites and apps, you can use the browser extensions to download videos from any site. There are number of extensions available in the famous browsers such as Google chrome, Torch and Mozilla Fire Fox. Just enable those extension on your browsers. Whenever you are watching a video, you can download them using these extensions in your browsers. Most people don’t use them because there are not many reliable extensions but you can still use them as long as they work.

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