This is moment worth worrying for the Apple since its users are complaining that Safari is crashing while browsing.

Safari is crashing

Are you Apple’s user and facing the same problem? Because if you are and safari is crashing problem is not faced by you then you are probably lucky since most of the Apple’s users are complaining about Safari’s crashing.

Users have recently reported this problem that whenever they write something in the address bar to search on the internet, their browser crashes suddenly. Apple will have to take serious notice of the problem because this is not good coming from the users.

Moreover this is not just on any particular devices. It is not that only Mac or iPhone users are facing the bug. In fact both, Mac and mobile users are being bothered by this issue.

All of this happened when recently Apple updated their operating systems i.e. OS X and IOS.
One of Apple’s spokesperson was speechless when asked about this bug. The story doesn’t end with the users who have updated their operating systems. In fact the users who didn’t update their systems are also facing this issue.

Verge rose up as temporary savior for the users and have suggested them some temporary fixes for the problem. One of the fixes is that users should de-active ‘Search engine suggestion’.  Users can also try activating the private mode might also help them.

A week ago there were news that an online link has spread and it is the reason for Safari’s crash. This was called someone’s evil attempt to fail the software and it was sent by using some Java script loop.

Good thing is that there are still users that are not facing this bug. Now Apple can look for the thing which is causing this issue for its users.

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