Whenever a new game is released, it is always better to get the legit versions from steam, origin or buy DVDs. But sadly not everyone for us is rich enough to afford these games since they are expensive and you can only afford one in a month. And that is the reason why people download pirated content from ways such as torrents. These pirated content since they were cracked by hackers, might contains many bugs and errors. The purpose of writing this post is to tell you about many errors and how you can avoid or fix them. I took GTA-V as my sample to tell you since all of these errors were part of the pirated GTA-V and gave players a real headache. I should mentioned again that we don’t the use of pirated content at all and still we have to take care of players. So let’s get on how to fix different errors in games GTA-V etc.

errors in games

Make sure that the Crack is right one.

While releasing the first crack, especially for GTA-V, there were many problems with it. Due to demand of the gamers, providers have to upload the crack as soon as possible even if there are some problems. So it is always better if you wait for the crack that has fixed all the bugs. If you already applied the earlier crack, you still need not worry. You can still apply latest updates and then crack to fix the issues with the game. This is one of the major errors in games, I hoped it helped.

Turn off Anti-Virus for 3DM.

DENVORM proved to be a real villain for the gamers and hackers. It is a security used for the protection of copyrights. 3DM though succeeded in cracking it for many games, still it was causing problems with system’s anti-virus on. That’s why when you download a game cracked by 3DM you will need to turn off your Anti-virus otherwise it won’t allow the EXE file and you can’t play the game.

Time Zone problem.

This is another of those things that causes errors in games and people don’t know. Change your time zone to Beijing, Hong Kong since it was cracked by 3DM and they might belong to these regions. So we need to be at their time zone to make these files working.

Administrator mode.

When I installed Metal Gear Solid V – Phantom pain, it wasn’t running when I opened the file. Then somehow I figured out something and tried playing on administrator worked. So when sometimes nothing happens when you double click the game, try running it on admin mode and it would work.

Hope this post helped you if you were having problem in your games. Stay tuned to Knowledge Insider for more of such stuff on games and tech!

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