World Health Organization has assembled an emergency team concerning the spread of Zika Virus. It has been estimated that about 4 million people are being affected by this dangerous disease.

Zika Virus

Zika virus belongs to the Flaviviradae viru family. Mosquito bite is the main source of its spread. It is always better to use a net while sleeping if there are mosquitos around. First of its symptoms is a fever called Zika fever. It was first reported around 1950s from the Asia to Africa. Now there are news that about 4 million people are under the threat of this Zika virus.

It has recently been reported that about 30-40 lac people could be under the threat of Zika Virus in South America. This cannot be said that it is the exact figure but a careful observation are the basis to this report.

Director of World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan has said that Zika Virus has turned from a common disease to a very dangerous threat and it is needed to be handled as soon as possible. It has heart shaking effects and could cause many death is not controlled within time.

Dr. Chan also said that the condition could get worse. That is due to increase in number of El Nino mosquitoes who are responsible for the spread of this dangerous virus. Their number has significantly increased due to the weather changes this year.

In a meeting that is going to be held on Monday, it will be discussed whether Zika Virus should be considered as an International threat or it will soon be over. The same meeting was held before when there was severe Ebola outbreak which took about 11000 human lives.

It was first originated in 1947 in Uganda but then there was no further spread in the virus and it was a forgotten memory. But now it has evolved again should be taken seriously before any human life loss.

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