If purchasing iPhone for you is a challenge and due to some reasons you are forced to stick to Android than you don’t need to worry. Thanks to the app developers that now we can enjoy iPhone experience using these best iOS launchers for Android. Having said that, it is our foremost due to tell you some of the good iOS launchers that will give your Android phone an amazing iPhone look. So let’s get on with it.

Best iOS launchers for Android

1. Espier Launcher.

Without any doubt this is one of the best iOS launchers for Android. The things that makes it very best are its easy features and still a very beautiful iPhone look that it would give to your Android. You will be able to do a lot of customization such as themes, texts, folders, icon size and many more things that will make your phone look eye catching. You will still be able to use your widgets and other applications with this iPhone theme on. So now if you really want to give your Android an exotic iPhone look then download this very best iOS launcher for Android.

Download it here on Goole Play Store.

2. One Launcher.

Though not as good as the above one, One Launcher still makes it to the #2 on our list of best iOS launchers for Android. It gives you many more features and customization (which is a little bit low rated than Espier) options with them you can have a lot of fun. Just download the app from the Google play store and then it will just be a matter of tapping to open the app and your Android phone will look something else. iOS 9 look of One Launcher gives it somewhat an edge over Espier because most people love iOS 9 look.

You can customize your themes, widgets, gadgets, texts, wallpapers and a lot more things to make your phone look sexy and stylish! Download it here on Google play store.
3. iLauncher OS.

Being one of the highest rated apps on the Google play store, this could be another very good option as your iOS launcher. It gives you if not all, still many features just like the other two apps mentioned above. The buzzing sound it gives like original iPhone, is a special feature that you will love while tapping the screen. It is light so if you are using older Android versions and can’t afford expensive ones, then you might  like to go for it.

A lot of adds, pop-ups and other dis-gusting stuff bothers you while using this app. In customization you can only change wallpapers and this limited features downgrades the app. You can download it here on Google play store.

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