Scientists, who are working on the preparation of Zika Vaccine are hopeful that it could be prepared sooner than past calculations for the control of Zika Virus.

Zika Vaccine

INNOVIVE Pharmaceuticals, A company that is working on the preparation of Zika Vaccine have said that they are experimenting it on small animals yet. They further added that human experimentation of the vaccine could be carried out by the end of this year.

You should keep in mind that before this, American scientists had said that preparation of Zika Vaccine could take about 10 years but now the story is different. Scientists of University of Texas are doing research on the Zika Vaccine and Virus.

According to scientists it could take almost two years to complete the preparation of this vaccine and then could take 10 years for the approval from government. It will be used then by the humans for the treatment of the Zika Virus attack.

Zika Virus has been considered as a serious threat by the World Health Organization WHO. They have also assembled an emergency team to share their minds for the control of Zika virus. It has been estimated that in Latin America, number of people affected by the Zika Virus is around 30 to 40 lac. This is huge number and has been considered a serious threat to the human kind.

That’s why world health organization is keen to work on the control of spread of Zika Virus and is taking serious steps towards the purpose.

This virus has yet affected the part of Caribbean, about 21 countries of South and North America whose symptoms include fever and severe headache. Due to the several side effects of new born babies due to this virus, many countries have warned their women on giving birth to a child. It caused by the bite of a mosquito that also causes yellow fever so watch out for it.

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