When you read the title, did you think I have lost my mind? No, I have not. It is reported that if you try repairing an error at any other place other than Apple, you might lose your phone. Name of the error is 53 and it started happening when Apple users updated to IOS 9.

Error 53

This is not the first time that Apple users are facing such problem. Error 53 has occurred in past before and now it is happening in iPhone 6 when people updated their iPhones to IOS 9.

According to the British News Paper the Guardian, those people who tried fixing this error by themselves or any other source except Apple, their phones became useless. This is a serious issue that is really bothering the users.

According to the newspaper a photographer named Antonio said that he started suffering from this problem when he got the latest update for his iPhone 6. His device became useless when he tried fixing it and when he went Apple store in London, they told him that they couldn’t do anything about that phone. They said it is overtime to repair this phone and he should have contacted them at the first happening.

This is really bothering the users and iPhone users are debating this all over the internet. A user said in a debate that his phone is dead and he hasn’t paid the installments for the phone.

According to the Apple, iPhone recognizes whether the repair has been done by the company or someone else and then this problem occurs. When TID sensors recognizes that repair was done by someone else, then it causes error 53 as a consequence of which the iPhone becomes useless.

Apple has suggested its users to contact the company to avoid any further inconvenience in the future.

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