Battlefield 3 is a first person shooting game developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is one of the most played first person shooter played ever and is powered by Origin for online download and play. Though Battlefield 3 is not very expensive now and most gamers can afford it but still there are some who had problems. But they don’t need to worry anymore because now they can also play Battlefield 3 online free.

Battlefield 3 online free

To make it possible we got to thanks Russian developers and NOS Team for their efforts on the endeavor. Without wasting any more time let get on to the work to play battlefield 3 online free.

Pre-requisites to play Battlefield 3 online free.

There are few things that you need to have for the purpose.

1. First download the complete Battlefield 3 NOS Team game with multi-player patch.
2. Make sure that the setup is complete with all DLCs.

Step by step guide to play Battlefield 3 online free.

Note: Follow the guide carefully and make sure that you don’t miss even a single little step otherwise we won’t be responsible for the time you wasted.

1. Install the game by using the NOS Team setup.
2. Install the Battlefield 3 multi-player patch in the destination folder where you have installed the game.
3. In the game folder open file named Launcher Client. In the software that’s opened click on Connect to Master and wait.
4. This will bring you a lot list of servers.
5. Select an appropriate server and click on Run Client.
6. Wait until it gets connected. After a short time you will be playing Battlefield 3 online for free.

Download Battlefield 3 free here.

Was this guide helpful? Leave any comments and suggestions in the comment area and also any quarry concerning any problem while playing the game.

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