You want to have a good gaming experience but you aren’t very rich? Are you looking for some cool Mid-Range graphics cards that could bring you full on gaming time? Yes you are on the right place because am giving you a list of some good graphics card that you could afford on medium budget for amazing gaming time.

1. NVIDIA GTX 650.

NVIDIA GTX 650 is a very good mid-range graphics card that could run all high end games on at least medium graphics settings. Recommended processor for this card is Intel i3 3220 and if you have a processor that is around this gen then you are good to go with it. GTX 650 is based on Kepler architecture with 1024 MB video memory and has 384 CUDA cores. It has a bandwidth of about 128 bits plus it supports all the latest gaming technologies such as TXAA, NVIDIA PhsyX and many more. Now since you know about this, go and grab your NVIDIA GTX 650 and have fun.

Mid-Range Graphics Cards

2. AMD R9 270.

With the Support of Direct X 12 and AMD Free sync, r9 270 is another amazing mid-range graphics card that you have for awesome gaming experience. It supports API 4.5, 4k and Virtual Super Resolution. It has 1280 stream processors about 80 texture units. It runs on a core clock of 900 MHZ and 256 bits which is very good for a mid-range graphics card. Plus it has support of latest AMD Open GL 4.4 which provides you a colorful gaming experience. It has video ram of 2 GB which makes a better choice than most of the mid-range GPUs.


3. NVIDIA GTX 950.

Latest and the greatest mid-range graphics card NVIDIA GTX 950 is here. Cool GDDR 5 technology having 2 GB video ram, 1024 MHZ core clock and for video editing and converting, grand 768 CUDA cores. With all of these specs it is a real mid-range beast from NVIDIA. Having the latest technology it has no heating and temperature issues which means now won’t need to spend extra dollars on cooler systems for it. It runs all the latest games on medium to high graphics settings and real is a cool choice in medium budget. It supports maximum digital resolution about 5120×3200 which makes you feel WOW!


So what are you waiting for? Grab any of the above mid-range graphics cards and on your gaming scene with latest graphics technology.

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