Imagine yourself in the world after Zombie apocalypse where you are fighting and running to survive. Facing a zombie Apocalypse might not becoming a reality ever but if you want it you can have it and even on your Mobile. Yes I am not kidding and this is all possible if you download this amazing First person shooter game on your Mobile phone. You will be able to download Dead Target Zombie APK at the end of this post but first you should read our review on features of this fabulous game.

Dead Target Zombie APK

Dead Target: Zombie Feature Review.

Gameplay: Dead Target Zombie APK has an amazing gameplay. You could really imagine yourself in the real world over taken by Zombies and the world is all about survival. With amazing graphics work and Sound FX the game becomes more and more exotic. Use your guns and other weapons to take the brains out of walkers that are chasing you to take you as their food. If you don’t want yourself to be eaten by those mad wanderers then you’ve got to be quick and pretty accurate in all your shots. Use environment to your advantage and all their slow speed. Make accurate shots to the head be becoming a marksman and show them path to eternal hell. If you don’t do it easy and fast, then find your way to hell.

Features: Some of the top features that are part of the game are listed below.

1. Mind Blowing 3D graphics environment and also Music and Sound effects will blow your mind.
2. There are not just few limited weapons but the whole Arsenal is awaiting you to be fired.
3. Environment is vast enough to be used to your advantage. Run free here and there to make zombies a tired attackers and then just slay them away.
4. Taking down them won’t ever be easy. As the game progresses, you will face more dangerous, fast and sharp zombies.
5. Guns have sounds just like their real life versions. You will enjoy mesmerizing gun sounds and feel yourself in a real battle.
6. To become a true killer, unlock more and more guns to face harder enemies.
7. Connect your game to social networks and see on leaderboards whether how good are you doing as compare to your friends.
8. There are more than 500 battles that you will fight in a lots of different environments.
9. Investigation is also part of the game which is useful to find your fellow humans in the battle.
10. Keep fighting hard and make sure that you slay each and every zombie by upgrading your level as the game progresses.

For being so awesome Dead Target Zombie APK has an amazing score of 4.4 on Google play store which is some score from a shooting game.

Dead Target: Zombie APK download links.

To download the game from Google Play Store click HERE.

To download the free Dead Target: Zombie APK click HERE.

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