Zika Virus that was being recognized as a serious threat is now on its mission to killing humans. It has recently been reported that there are evidence of new born child deaths due to Zika Virus.
Zika Virus

American Health institute’s senior Officer has found solid proof of effects of Zika virus on the new born babies. After some research on newly born babies in Brazil, he has said that there are strong evidences of child’s death due to Zika virus attack.

CDC is an American institute that works on the control of diseases. Their office Tom Frieden has mentioned in clear words that we found traces of Zika virus in the babies which was transferred to them through their mothers. There is still a long time in the preparation of Zika vaccine and they virus is already killing people. According to Tom, there still is a matter of doubt but signs are clear either.

Zika Virus is growing as a serious threat to humanity. According to the news there are reports of micro-cephalic babies being born which is a disease in which babies are born with very small brain than usual and that is because to this dangerous virus. Number of babies is reported 4000 approximately who are suffering from this micro-cephalic problem occurring due to Zika.

Dr. Frieden said that they are carrying out a vast research on this virus that is transferred due to the mosquito bite in humans to prepare a vaccine however, this could take a lot of years.  He has also warned that there will be many cases of the virus in different American countries. CDC will provide financial help to the affected countries to stop the growth of the mosquito.

WHO has also declared this as an emergency and warned women to save themselves from this virus to give birth to a healthy child.

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