While Need for Speed dispatched on consoles toward the end of last year, it is just barely advancing round to the PC the very next month from now and now we have the system requirements of it.

Need for speed PC

Base or minimum System requirement – Need for speed PC:

Intel Core i3-4130 or an AMD equivalent, as per some few dev reports the game is not a CPU core hog. On the RAM side you will need some chunky 6GB of RAM even for low. The game works pretty well with NVIDIA GPUs so a GTX 750Ti is suggested as a minimum requirement for the game, whereas on AMD’s front an HD 7870 or R9 270 is required to enjoy games with smooth fps on 900p without lag.

Suggested System requirement By Knowledge insider:

Intel Core i5 4690 or AMD FX 8370 is required to play the game buttery smooth under Full HD 1080p resolution. We suggest to pack in 8 GB RAM to avoid laggy game play. Considering GPU as aforementioned the game works pretty well with Nvidia GPUs so a GTX 960 bears enough raw power to crank the game with some decent settings, on the AMD side you will require a Radeon R9 380X to acquire buttery game play.

Recommended System requirement – Need for speed PC:

Intel core i7 6700k or AMD FX 9590 is decent enough to crank the game to max even sporting an Ultra HD resolution or with multiple screen configuration. A 12 GB RAM pack is more than enough to run the game with max of maxest. On the GPU front a Nvidia GTX 980Ti or a Radeon R9 Fury X can let you to play the game 60 fps under the multi screen configuration or a massive resolution of 4K.

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