Kik offers standard IM services, for example, sending content, pictures and video and there is a group chat option too. Further Kik is the very first IM service that sports a built in cool browser, providing you and edge to browse and share your web searches at the spot, while never leaving the Kik messenger. Unlike other messenger applications Kik is not limited to just your phone applications you can chat to other users, all you need is there usernames. On Kik, usernames are actually the identity of users just like facebook. The application doesn’t share clients’ phone numbers. Kik is US based, so likewise if some cyber bullying happens, police departments have no jurisdiction over this Canadian organization.


WhatsApp on the other hand is pretty much akin to the standard short messaging services aka SMS. Much like your messaging arrangement, moreover unlike Kik you can talk to your contact list over a voice call. Though, unlike SMS services, WhatsApp is free. You can send pictures and videos too on WhatsApp just like Kik. WhatsApp needs you to utilize a your very smartphone number as your username. You need to add cell phone no. of your friends & family to contact them on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Vs Kik Which one is better?

Parental Guidance:


  • WhatsApp’s license agreement must need the users to be at least 16 years old.
  • No passwords are required for WhatsApp, every time you want to login to your WhatsApp after fresh install, all you have to do is just verify using your phone no.
  • Users of WhatsApp can share locations and share contacts with other users.


  • Kik is rated for users 16 years old just like WhatsApp, However you can be younger than that to use Kik as there are no age limit.
  • Teens ought to keep their usernames private.
  • Kik also provide users an option to block unwanted contacts.
  • You can also ignore new contact on Kik.

As per statistics WhatsApp have around 600 million active users while Kik have 150 million.

Deactivating accounts:


Learn how to deactivate Kik account following the link.


Learn how to deactivate WhatsApp following the link.



Kik is the very firs smartphone IM service with a built-in browser. You can talk, browse and share with your friends without hoping to your phone’s default browser.


WhatsApp is very much like the real time SMS service with hefty of cool features included.

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