Call of Duty: Strike Team is a first-individual shooter and ongoing methodology diversion created by Gage Wells and was discharged on iOS on September 5, 2013 and on Android on October 24, 2013. You can download Call of Duty Strike Team free apk at the end first read about some modes and gameplay of the game.

Gameplay of Call of Duty Strike Team free apk.

Obligation at hand: Strike Team conveys another experience to the Call of Duty arrangement. Players have the choice to change from a first-individual perspective to an overhead automaton’s point of view. From the sky, players can charge their squad to discover spread, hurl frags, fire and even secure destinations. This mode presents key gameplay while improving strategies of situating and guide mindfulness. Strike Team makes utilization of the touch screens accessible on iOS and Android gadgets by permitting players to control their squad with a couple of basic motions on screen. The left and right sides of the screen goes about as virtual simple sticks for development while playing in the main player point of view. Besides, the amusement includes fast point through the little bolts set on the base of the screen used to switch between targets. Tapping on one of the bolts conveys the pointing reticule to the nearest target. Isn’t its gameplay awesome? Don’t forget to download Call of Duty Strike Team free apk at the end of this post.


The diversion is set operating at a profit Ops story bend, in 2020, with players driving a US Joint exceptional operations Team after the nation “ends up in a war with an obscure adversary”. The single player experience gives the comparative sentiment past Call of Duty amusements. The battle comprises of goal based missions, where players control strike groups that are sent on specific missions to recover intel, take out targets or to take control of a particular area. Players can change out apparatus and weapons or redesign advantages (which allow upgrades) between missions (Call of Duty Strike Team free apk download at the end). Advantages are upgradable by means of in diversion money earned through missions, or through in-application buys. The amusement does not accompany a multiplayer mode.

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