The antelope is a deer-like mammal probably bigger than a deer, found abundantly in Africa, Asia and grasslands of the Americas. There are numerous of species of Antelopes but here are 5 most beautiful.

5 Most Beautiful Species of Antelope:


Nyala also known as by Inyala, having spiral-shaped horns found in southern Africa. They belonging to family Bovidae and genus Nyala. The body length is between 135–195 cm and weighs 55–140 kg which is almost equal to a common deer. They love to live in such an inhabitant, that is quite bushy and wild. Their males are quite different in appearance compare females. The coat is rusty and dark over adult males, while brown in females.


Kudu another species of antelope and they further divided into species (Lesser kudu, Greater kudu), They belonging to family Imberbis and genus is Tragelaphus. They are considered as second largest antelope of the world approaches up to 1.2 m and weighs 250 – 270 Kg. They can stay motionless for about 15 min when to feel any kind of threatened. Their ears are very much big in size and named as biggy ear.


Among the best antelope species found in Africa. Both genders of Sable antelopes have noticeable well sharpened sharp horns furthermore great high contrast blemishes on the head. Males furthermore are for the most part darker, while females and youths incorporate a paler chestnut shading.

These are scarcely ever seen. Experienced them on more than one occasion just, in spots like Ruaha National Park (Tanzania) and Kafue in Zambia!


When one first know of the gemsbok (likewise called the oryx), it happens to be tied to sand rises and desert zones. As many people put it, it is “the soul of the desert encapsulated in a gazelle”.

Albeit dry habitat is typically where the animal exists, it can likewise now and again be knowledgeable about savanna furthermore in mopane forest. In case you’re a mate of these amazing antelope make a point to take a gander at Tsavo National Park in Kenya, or the acclaimed Etosha Pans of Namibia.


The fourth-biggest antelope types of the region. To not be confounded with the sable; it is light in shading, has littler horns with since quite a while ago tasseled ears alongside a jokester mask! Certainly entirely creature!

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