Programmer extremist gathering Anonymous has broken into Twitter accounts connected to purported Islamic State (IS) and overwhelmed them with gay pride messages.

The gathering mixed ace IS profiles with rainbow pictures and LGBT trademarks. The hacks take after the late shooting at a gay club in Orlando, where 49 individuals were executed by a shooter who supposedly expressed his steadfastness to IS. A programmer knew as WauchulaGhost, who is associated with Anonymous, said he was behind the hacking and was adding gay pride messages in twitter accounts.

The programmer posted unequivocal obscene material on a portion of the records, and now and again, embedded another Twitter handle, “Jacked by a Ghost”. WauchulaGhost said he had invaded more than 250 IS-connected records over the previous month, posting gay smut. In any case, after Sunday’s shooting, he changed his center to posting messages of gay pride.

“You had each one of those guiltless lives lost. I just felt there’s something I could do against the Islamic State to guard those individuals,” WauchulaGhost told CNN. The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, did not have a reasonable connection to IS, as indicated by US authorities.

In telephone calls to the powers from the dance club, Mateen said he was doing the assault for IS, however, he likewise swore steadfastness to a suicide plane for the Nusra Front gathering in Syria, and to the culprits of the Boston Marathon besieging, none of whom is connected to IS.

Huge numbers of the hacked records were suspended by Twitter, however, three profiles seemed to at present online on Friday, under the control of WauchulaGhost. Unknown, which was established in the 4Chan gathering in the late 2000s, started pursuing an online crusade against IS in 2015. The gathering seized control of many Twitter accounts connected to IS after the assaults on the workplaces of the sarcastic magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris a year ago.

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