Have you ever thought of being a civil engineer or a farmer? Or did you want to become both? If you have the interest in this field but couldn’t become one in real life then don’t worry. You can still do such work but through an android game. The name of the game is Township APK that has recently been put on Google Play Store. You can download the free Township APK from this page. The game has been published by Playrix Games which are known for some good games in the past. So what is new in this game? Let me introduce you to the Township and its features.

Township APK is a strategy game where you have to build up your town. There have been a lot of games like this in the past but Township is a little bit different. For the first time, someone has created a game in which you can do farming while in the city. Yes, that’s true and I am not kidding you. This is a beautiful blend of doing farming within the roads of the city. It will be a great fun while you play this game. So let’s tell you about the different features that are present in this beautiful strategy game.

Township APK Features.

Here are some features of this game you are going to enjoy while playing Township.

  1. Create a town you have always dreamt of by using the material present in the game. You can decorate and shape the town right according to how you like it.
  2. There are lots of things such as crops, factories, and farming stuff. You can grow different types of crops and their yield will later be processed at the factories you setup.
  3. Make a good town with good people. Fulfill what they want you to do and they will reward you well. Use the money later to make your town even better.
  4. You can buy more and more farming land with the money you earn in the game. Use better products to increase your production and earnings.
  5. Animals are also an important part of the farming and there are plenty in the Township. Take care of them and they will benefit you in your gameplay.
  6. There are some beautiful ornaments you can buy in the game to make your town look exotic. You are also provided with famous landmarks such as the statue of liberty etc. to decorate your town.
  7. For people’s entertainment, you can build places like the zoo where people can enjoy and earn you revenue.

So these were major features that were important to mention. You can enjoy rest of them by downloading the free APK for Township on our website. Keep visiting our website for free APKs and feature reviews.


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